CLIENT CLOSER ACADEMY - Consistently Enroll Clients In Your $3K-$10K Offer To Get To $10K+/Months

Watch this short overview to see what is included in Fil's Client Closer Academy

In the Client Closer Academy, I’ll show you how to scale to $10k+/months within 90 days by consistently enrolling clients into your $3k-$10k offer.

Includes 180-Day Access To:

Client Closer Academy Content Vault
● Everything To Show You How To:
1. Build A Magnetic Brand To Attract Ideal Clients
2. Create A Life-Changing High-Ticket Offer To Maximize Results
3. Develop Unstoppable Sales Call Conviction To Consistently Enroll Clients
● Constantly Updated With Essential Lessons To Enroll Clients
● Short, Simplified, Actionable Lessons

Feedback And Implementation
● Weekly Mastermind Calls
● Weekly ‘Get Shit Done-Sessions’

Accountability, Feedback, And Support
● Facebook Messenger Chat Group
● Facebook Mastermind
● Weekly Business Check-Ins
● Accountability Of A Success Manager
● Bi-Weekly Tech Talks
● Supportive Community Of Like-Minded Rebels With A Cause

Everything you need to accelerate the growth of your coaching and consulting business and get you to $10k+/months!

Your Mentor:

Filip Van Houte - Business Mentor

Let me show you how to attract ideal high-ticket clients and close more sales calls so you can do what you do best: serving your clients and doing more of what you would love to do.'

We'll Work On The Following Elements:

  • Building A Magnetic Brand (Interested Audience - Persuasive Brand - Converting Content)
  • Creating A Life-Changing High-Ticket Offer (Money Mindset - Irresistible High-Ticket Offer - Client Fulfillment)
  • Developing Unstoppable Sales Call Conviction (Sales Confidence - Effective Communication - Objection Handling)

Want To Learn To Consistently Enroll High-Ticket Clients Through Organic Marketing?

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