Implement Stuff From The Client Closer Academy Together!

The Client Closer Academy is not just about studying, nor about taking action, it's about taking action that produces results.

Once of the ways how we make sure we don't just let exercises gather dust on your desktop is to do 'Get Sh*t Done-Sessions' Together once a week so we make sure we actually put the material into practice and work with it.

Every Weekly 60 Min.-Session Goes Like This:

  • Everybody tells what they are going to finish in the session (5 min.)
  • We work on the set material  (45 min.)
  • We check in on everyone with the ability to get feedback (10 min)

Let's get You Results By Taking Action, Implementing And Getting Feedback!

Fil And Nico Are At Your Service!

Your Mentor:

Filip Van Houte - Business Mentor

Your Mentor:

Nico Van De Venne - Business Mentor

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